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Innovation with Media 2.0 //

On September 05.-06., 2007, the Media in Transition Conference in Munich, Germany, will be discussing how the Internet is driving structural change in media. We have invited innovative media companies, researchers and strategists from U.K., U.S.A. and Europe. The Internet changes the way media is distributed, produced and consumed.

Martin Stiksel
Lorenz Bogaert
Annet Aris
[INSEAD/ McKinsey]
Prof. KH Brandenburg
Christoph Janz
Simon Willison
[Django/ OpenID]
John Buckman
[Creative Commons]

Media technology is not only a receiving device, but also a transceiving and transmitting device. [Economies of “Pull” and Push vs. Pull Models]. The big growth potential in media business lies in the area of user generated content. Gain insight into the techniques of the so-called Social Web, or “Live Web” – Web 2.0, Social Networks, Blogs, Video/ Audio, Digital Rights, Rich Media, Peer 2 Peer, Mobile Web.

Speakers //

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Martin Stiksel, Founder and CEO of - "The Social Music Revolution": Online Social Network, Europe's largest Web 2.0 Success, London
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Inventor of the MP3 Standard (MPEG Audio Layer 3) and Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Mediatechnology - IDMT, Ilmenau
Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor of strategy at INSEAD, Fountainebleau, and former Director of McKinsey's German Media Practice, Fountainebleau
Jürgen Jaron, Founder and CEO of Magix AG and Mufin MusicFinder, Germany's (and Europe's) largest Multimedia Software Company, Berlin
Ibrahim Evsan, CEO and Founder of sevenload, Germany's largest Web 2.0 Media Platform for Photos and Videos, Cologne
Lorenz Bogaert, Founder and CEO of Netlog - Europe's largest Online Social Network, Brussels
Simon Willison, Co-Creator of the Django Web Application Framework, OpenID Expert and former Yahoo! London Lab Developer, London
Ajit Jaokar, Founder and Publisher of Futuretext Publishing, Founder of the top 20 wireless blog Open Gardens, London
John Buckman, Member of the Board of Directors Creative Commons, Serial Entrepreneur - Founder of Magnatune, Bookmooch and Lyris, San Francisco
Christoph Janz, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Pageflakes, personalized Internet Content Aggregator, San Francisco
Matthew Gertner, Co-Founder and CTO of AllPeers, Firefox-based P2P Filesharing Application, Prague
Les Ottolenghi, Founder and CEO of Intent Media - legal P2P file sharing, advisor to the Bush White House on P2P networks, 1998 CIO of the Year, Atlanta
Paul Pod, Founder and CTO of, Tioti - "Tape it off the Internet", TV Web 2.0 social network service, London
Joachim Graf, Founder and CEO of HighText Publishing, publisher of iBusiness, Speaker of the Board of FIWM (Munich Network for IT & Media), Munich
Chris Dumke, Organizer - Media in Transition 06/ 07, Principal at Mergd Consulting, Waterloo, Canada
Matthias Köhler, Organizer - Media in Transition 06/ 07, CEO of Oszillation Media, Audio/ Video Production, Distribution and Event Organization, Munich
Dr. Till Evert, Department Business and Legal at CELAS GmbH, Administration of the European Media Rights of EMI Publishing Group for Online and Mobile markets, Munich
Petter Karal, Founder and CEO of EZMO Music Portal, personalized Music Storage and Search Service, in cooperation with Enterprise Search Engine FastSearch, Oslo

Program //

The Media in Transition 2007 Conference will focus on four core areas, driving change within the field of digital media:

  1. Broadcasting & Publishing
    • "Music Recommendations with Social Networks":, "the social music revolution"
    • "Music Recommendations with the Mufin MusicFinder": Analysis and Generation of Music Recommendations with AudioID
    • "Tape it off the Internet": Internet based social TV
    • "Is Social Media a fad?": Shorter attention spans endanger Advertising market
  2. Marketing & Strategy
    • "Managing Media Companies": Future business models in the digital world
    • "Impact of user generated content" Marketing strategies for Social Media
    • "Social Media from a European perspective": Multi-cultural communication
    • "Search Engine Optimization": Driving traffic in the Era of Social Media
  3. Web 2.0 Trends
    • "Digital Identity Technology": OpenID rescues the web
    • "Internet Portal turns 2.0": Aggregating User Information
    • "The 1000 Euro Production": The future power of Video Platforms
    • "Filesharing with AllPeers": Effects of Decentralized Distribution on the World of Digital Media
  4. Media Distribution & Digital Rights
    • "The state of the P2P market": How to advertise in P2P networks
    • "Digital Rights Management": Practical approaches for the Internet Era
    • "DRM (Digital Rights Management), MPEG, AudioID": The future of Media Technology
    • "CELAS, Media Rights EMI Publishing Group" � European (transatlantic) Licensing of Music Rights

The detailed program here - Program

Conference Center //

Konferenzsaal Goethe-Institut München

Our Conference center in central Munich (Goethe Institute Munich) has the newest technologies and facilities:

  1. Video technology, Mixing Board, Translation Audio-Recording
  2. Professional Audio/ Video Technician on Staff
  3. JBL Speakers
  4. Akustic-optimized room
  5. Display Areas in Foyer

Address: Goethe Institute Dachauer Street 122 Munich Entrance at Anita-Augsburg Allee

Expect a high-class mix of thinkers and doers from Anglo-Saxon and European backgrounds. Industry executives, progressive government representatives, venture capitalists, software developers and media experts from music/ tv/ film and publishing. It will be a competent and international mix.

Who should attend?

Your Advantage // What You’ll walk away with.

Sponsors //

Reach business leaders and technology influencers at the Media in Transition conference. Call Matthias Koehler at ++ 49 89 452 47701 or email matthias [at]